The Final XIII Days
"You should know who I am, or should I say, what I am."
With will reformed and newly burning determination, Lightning faces the end of the world once more-- Only this time, she stands alone.
Lightning Farron RP Blog
Post XIII-2 | AU | GMT-8
i am spark
soldier | warrior | liberator
Artist: Ben Moon ft Veela
Album: Single
Song: Majesty
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It’s not enough
I’ve given up
They’re wielding guns
We’ve been taken over
Uncertain hooves
Let instinct choose
Their every move to leave
Us cornered
I know it’s true

Our sweat and blood
And armoured skirts crimson
Story book pretty soldiers
As we grow up
There’s nothing left
Bow and arrow in hand
Stand up, follow orders.

How cruel have we become
To know what we have done
Tomorrow, another one, "Dear,
you’re not here.”

We watched them leave
Leave our homes— forgettable..
We embrace steel and now we know
That we have control.