The Final XIII Days
"You should know who I am, or should I say, what I am."
With will reformed and newly burning determination, Lightning faces the end of the world once more-- Only this time, she stands alone.
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Lightning, I know why you’re going to betray God!
You think you can save Serah.


L I G H T N I N G  R E T U R N Sscreencap taken by dissasterrific


L I G H T N I N G  R E T U R N S
screencap taken by dissasterrific
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Lightning Farron [ Kilory ]
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Don’t worry, Noel. We will meet again.

Step out from time ☆ hear the stars’ ovation.
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The legend had told of her coming. Banisher of darkness, bringer of light, redeemer of souls. She’d come at the end of days…to guide our souls to salvation.

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it’s okay. we could hear you, light; let’s go, we’ll be together.

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"Those lights… are they the souls? Every one?"
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does that count as a munday

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